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Wash And Fold Service

Discover your ideal laundry solution for all your needs!

Lynwood Wash and Fold is a great place to get your laundry done without time. They also provide wash and fold laundry services for an affordable price.

The Wash and Fold Laundry offers an excellent solution for busy people who need laundry done. We do the washing, and folding of your clothes when done right—it can make your clothes feel new again.

Lynwood Wash and Fold

Located in the core of Lynwood, Our wash and fold laundry service is worked by a gathering of talented experts who take pride in giving extraordinary help to our esteemed clients, we are offering wash and fold services that are available to help customers find the best solution for their laundry needs.

Our services are available to you seven days a week, so you can schedule your wash at a time that suits your busy lifestyle. We offer a variety of options for your convenience, including drop-off laundry service, self-service, same-day laundry service.

We’re also happy to accommodate special laundry requests—if there are certain items that you don’t have time to wash but still want to be cleaned, we’re happy to take care of them!

Our wash and fold laundry service

How to deal with tough stains on clothes.

wash and fold

At our company, we treat stained garments with great care within our wash and fold service.

We assess and pre-treat stains, utilizing specialized techniques for optimal removal.

These items then undergo our standard washing process with premium detergents.

Our meticulous quality checks ensure stain removal success, and we maintain open communication with customers.

Our goal is to return clothes that are not only freshly washed and folded but also free from stains, reflecting our dedication to garment care and quality.

Same Day Laundry Service Near You

Get your laundry taken care of quickly and easily with same day laundry service near you. Our wash and fold service are available near you, so you can get your clothes clean and ready to wear in no time. Enjoy the luxury of having drop off laundry service!

Same-day laundry service will make your laundry easier, and faster with the help of our friendly staff, With Same Day Laundry Service Near You, you can get your laundry done in hours instead of days.

And since we have lots of different plans and pricing models, Same Day Laundry Service Near You can accommodate all kinds of budgets.

Experience the

Wash And Fold Service

Wash and fold laundry service is the easiest way to keep your clothes clean without a lot of effort.

Wash And Fold Services are available for any kind of clothing and fabric. All of our services are customized to fit your specific needs and requests, Cleaning and laundry can be a dreaded chore for some, but for others, it can be a fun, relaxing break that helps take your mind off the everyday stresses of life.

Wash and fold service is a convenient and hassle-free option for people who have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to do their laundry.

It is a service where you drop off your clothes at a laundromat, and they will do the washing, drying, and folding for you. With this service, you can save your precious time and energy, and focus on other things that matter in your life.

wash and fold laundry in lynwood

Dry Cleaning Service

We take dry cleaning to the next level to ensure our customers enjoy a laundry experience like no other.

Our dedicated team of experts, armed with premium products and cutting-edge techniques, dives deep into the world of fabric care.

We meticulously inspect each garment, paying attention to every detail to ensure it leaves our facility looking and feeling its absolute best.

With a commitment to sustainability and an eco-friendly approach, we not only protect your clothes but also the environment.

Our goal is simple – to provide you with clothes that don’t just sparkle but also make you feel confident and comfortable.

Choose our wash and fold service with the added advantage of exceptional dry cleaning, and let us redefine your laundry experience today.”


Self washers services

Start range $
  • From 1.75$
  • To 8.75 $
  • Before any options

Self dryers services

Start range $
  • From 0.25$
  • To 0.25 $
  • For one cycle
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Below are the answers you may be looking for and the most important features that distinguish us from others

Laundry is folded to save space, maintain organization, and prevent wrinkles and damage to clothing.

The wash and fold process is a laundry service where customers drop off their dirty clothes, and professionals take care of washing, drying, and neatly folding the laundry for them. It’s a convenient and time-saving way to have clean, well-folded clothes without doing the laundry yourself.

Our laundry cleaning service is designed to make your life easier. Simply schedule a pickup for our wash and fold service, and our team will collect your dirty laundry. We’ll then expertly wash and fold your clothes and deliver them back to you, all within your chosen time frame.

Absolutely! We treat your clothes with the utmost care in our wash and fold service. Our staff is trained to handle all fabrics and garments delicately. Plus, we have strict quality control measures in place to ensure your clothes are returned in excellent condition.

We welcome specific requests for our wash and fold service! You can leave notes or instructions when scheduling your pickup, and our team will follow them diligently.

We take special care seriously. If you have delicate fabrics or specific care instructions for certain items, simply let us know when scheduling your wash and fold service. We’ll ensure they are treated with the utmost care and attention.

A self-service laundromat is a facility where customers do their own laundry, whereas a laundry service is a business that provides full-service laundering, including washing, drying, folding, and often delivery


Hygiene is a top priority. Our laundry facilities are regularly sanitized and cleaned to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. We also follow strict hygiene protocols when handling your clothes in our wash and fold service.


Located in the heart of Lynwood, California

tel: 310-340-7532


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